Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Today's thoughts...

Today's thoughts have been around returning to work! As in, i don't want to! Iv left my child once for 45 mins and that ended in tears all round, how on earth will i manage an 8 hour shift??? It's not like the return is immediate, iv still got 2 months to go, and lots will change in that time, but i don't think my separation anxiety will!!

The other part i'm thinking about is whether i will actually remember everything!! I'm sure my baby brain can now be classed as a medical condition! I can start a sentence and then change tracks at least 3 times, and then completely forget why i opened my mouth in the first place! Who wants someone with this amount (or lack thereof) of brain power giving them their medication or dressing their wounds!!??

Iv also been feeling very thankful for the clothing swap that's going on at the mo! I'v amassed a collection of bubby clothes that my wee man is a considerable way away from fitting, and my good friend has a collection of clothes that her wee chubby cheddar has out grown! So we've swapped! I get clothes that my boy fits, she gets clothes that her boy fits, then we swap back once they'r outgrown so that lachy has clothes that fit, and my friend has clothes that her next bubba can grow into!! Its a fabulous idea! (Open in the sense that sometimes baby clothes can get completely annihilated, and may not be fit for return) And its great when moneys pre
tty limited and your down to one wage!

And on top of that, my sister is an op-shop legend and a, well im not sure what u call it, but she always manages to be in the right place when people are trying to get rid of outgrown clothes!! Yay for me, and yay for Lachy!!

Oh another highlight has been that for the past 3 nights my bubby boo has been going down for a 4 and a half hour stretch on his first sleep overnight!!! The other sleeps are only for 2 and a half hours at a time, but that's ok, they'l improve too! Its all worth it when i look into the bassinet and he's staring right back at me with a huge smile on his beautiful face...and the occasional peek-a-boo!

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