Saturday, 2 July 2011

Starting out!

I have to admit i didn't stop and think how hard it would be to get a blog started!lol. Thinking of witty things to write doesn't come naturally to my baby addled brain...actually, thinking in general doesn't come naturally anymore! But i'm getting there slowly, and the pages will be completed eventually! I'm still figuring out how everything works too, it's a constant Discovery channel!

Anywho, im feeling quite successful today! My buba had two 3 hour sleeps over night and then napped on and off till about 8am! Yay! We also managed to exercise today! Another big yay, cause it also meant Lachy slept in his pushchair for the duration (just over an hour!). And i managed to get a roast on for dinner, and for once my crackling was Perfect!!
It made me feel quite domesticated as well. Takeout has been pretty high on our dinner list lately and iv been feeling gutted, because i like the idea of being able to put a nice (reasonably healthy) meal on the table for my family!
I even did a pudding!...ok, so it was instant pudding but that's still good!

As for the walk, i loved getting outside in the sunshine and actually doing something! Sitting at home on my bum is only fun for so long and its hard to try to get healthy when its raining and cold and walking with a pushchair is the only exercise i can do with a grumpy bub!
I cant wait till i can get my zumba on again, with the size of the lounge we have i'm bound to break something! I love doing zumba, i always feel slightly coordinated right up till they start dancing and then i look a bit like a jellyfish stuck on an electric fence! Its freakin awsum i tell ya! At least there's no one to watch....although theres nothing wrong with making people laugh!

I took more fotos of my scrumptious wee lad today!! He's so delicious!! I cant believe how amazing our child is!! He spent part of his day (when i'm sure he was s'posed to be napping) 'chatting' to his daddy and just generally looking gorgeous!! Sigh, i LOVE my wee family!! They make me smile and feel so in love every day!!

Ok, bed time!! I promise to myself that i'l work more on this tomorrow!!

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