Monday, 1 August 2011

We did it!!!

So today did something that i seriously doubted i could do.... I put Lachy into creche for an hour and a half, and left him there for the whole time!!! And i didn't cry (seriously wanted to) and he hardly did either!! In fact, he apparently slept for most of the time, waking up 15 mins before i came back! Im so proud of us!lol! My gorgeous boy is such a star!
I think the problem is more me than him, im so worried that he'l think iv abandoned him and it makes me feel guilty before i even attempt to leave him!! And of course he picks up on my panic and starts getting upset himself. It's just one big kerfuffle really! But he did it!! The ladies at the creche were so great, and he was just such good boy, he's refused to sleep for me all day then sleeps for them!lol.

And so moving on to the reason i put him into creche, I MADE IT TO THE GYM!! Im so pleased with myself! I did a complete workout (rowing machine included- my pet hate) and did it properly!! It felt so good to be moving about and not having to keep Lachy amused at the same time (although he finds my zumba attempts hilarious!). I did manage to get a couple of walks in during the week too which was great, but i also managed to chow down a couple of blocks of chocolate too, which wasn't so great, so i was well overdue to go and use my membership.

I'm really not sure why getting to the gym and eating healthy is so difficult to do, and i know im not the only one that has issues with this!! It's such a straight forward concept, put in everything your body needs, and nothing that it doesn't!! Get 30 minutes of exercise a day, 3 x days a week minimum!! Its not rocket science and yet it's so hard to maintain! How many of us start with the usual good intentions only to dwindle back into the old habits of chocolate and pasta sammys!!(that last one mite just be me!) And sometimes good intentions and reasons just aren't enough! I want to be a good healthy role model for my growing boy, to say nothing of wanting to be able to keep up with him when he starts running around. I want to look healthy for myself. I want to be a healthy and happy wife that prepares good nutritious meals for her family. In spite of all this to motivate me i still fall short of my ambitions! (I'd like to point out that my ambitions are completely realistic) Can anyone tell me why this is???

Anywho, enough of that ranting!! I'm going to be spending the next few weeks learning to use our new (2nd hand) SLR camera (my husbands explaining this SLR part to me as i type...i think i made an intelligent, appropriate agreement noise in response?!), and moving house (Yay Packing...not) and when i get some time to myself, trying to remember what sort of things used to interest me! I know i used to be fascinated with all things medieval, and American Indian culture, and reading, and sewing (much to the horror of mum and her bed sheets) and did i say reading? cause definitely reading.
But i cant remember what else i used to do for fun when i had spare time, and what sort if things i was always dying to do and learn, so i'm going to try and get my baby brain going and remember the things that used to make me tick! I hope this doesn't make me sound ungrateful for my life, I LOVE my life completely and utterly and wouldn't change anything in it for the world!! My husband and bubby are my life and make me the happiest person ever, i'd just like to be able to continue to hold a bit of the person i used to be, so that when my bubby doesn't need me quite as much i have something to ponder, and maybe even new things to teach him about as he grows! (and he's growing so FAST). I had to show off this photo, he looks like he's on the look out for blanky mites! (i'd also like to add that we don't actually have blanky mites!)

So that's my goal for the next few weeks (as well as post a bit more regularly)!! Hopefully il have some hobbies to yak about next post, as well as another creche/gym visit!!

Hope everyone else has a fun week!!

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