Thursday, 14 July 2011

A shopping league of my own!

So, for a bit of an embarrassing confession....I love to shop in supermarkets! I dont mean that i love to go grocery shopping, i mean that i love to walk up and down the isles of supermarkets and admire all the products!! I used to think this was a fairly normal thing until i started asking around...who knew!
Iv decided, however, to embrace this weird love of mine and continue to browse the supermarket isles!! And its not just the isles i love, its the supermarket layout too! For example, there's one particular New World (u know who u are!) that lets u by-pass the fruit and vege section and go straight to the other isles or checkouts!! This is fantastic when your in a hurry and dont want to get stuck behind the vege fanatics that leave their trolleys in the middle of the isle as they poke and prod all the vege's!
My fav' isle is the beauty isle and i can take almost 20mins browsing all the products and arousing the suspicion of the store security (especially now that i have a push chair!). I love looking at all the different products and plotting which ones i might like to try when mine runs out!
Next fav' isle is the baby isle, so much more now that i actually have a baby! This isle always inspires happy memories of helping out with my sisters kids, and now my own! It brings to me the smell of baby powder and no more tears shampoo, and always makes me smile!(sad i know!)
The madness continues in the meat isle where i think of all the delicious meals i could create (but rarely do 'cause my cooking skills are still in the amateur stage). I love planning a weeks worth of possible meals, but i have yet to actually put any of these plans into action, so our weekly meal situation is still pretty random (hence the over abundance of take out that i'm prone too!)
I could go on all night!!I s'pose i should be thankful that i haven't been arrested during any of my little forays!! Usually i'l buy something small (and chocolaty) just to go through the checkouts and give them the chance to peer into my pushchair (under the pretense of checking out my scrumptious wee buba!) and satisfy themselves that i haven't loaded the bottom basket with their entire meat selection or Olay range!
Sigh, yup, that's my crazy wee addiction!!I'd love to hear if anyone else out their in the world is willing to join me in this crusade!! Or at least admit that they too have a crazy/sad addiction!
And now its time for sleep (If my buba approves, that is)! If i dont post tomorrow its because the first gym visit was wickedly too intense and broke my butt! (im only going for a 10 min fit test but you just never know how these things are gunna turn out!)

Gnite all!!

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