Sunday, 3 July 2011

Parenting thoughts!

So tonight at a friends birthday dinner i was able to hear some different opinions on babies and routines. Iv been struggling to get our wee man into a feed/sleep routine and currently im failing miserably! The poor kid just doesn't appreciate the wonder of sleeping during the day like i do! He does try, he really does, but after 10 - 15 mins of pretending to sleep he just cant keep his eyes shut, and then he gets ants in his pants and starts wriggling around in his wrap! We call him 'squirmy wormy' :)

Because he was also only sleeping a max' of 2 hours a night and wanting to be fed every hour as well, sleep was becoming a distant memory! We decided to try the sleep/feed routine to see if that would help. I have to say, his feeding times are much improved (3 - 4 hourly) and his night sleeps are also improving (last night he did two 3 hour stretches!). Unfortunately his intense dislike of day sleeps hasn't changed, unless hes being snuggled by some hapless person that's fallen for his charms, and even then he fights it for all hes worth!

So my issue here is do i continue to attempt to put him in his bassinet for day sleeps or just let him sleep if and when he chooses during the day?? I want to be a more relaxed mummy, but when im failing at routines i tend to lose all concept of being relaxed, and lean more towards being a dragon lady type mum! But if i let him sleep if and when, then i worry that im letting him develop bad habits! ( Do 6 wk olds develop habits??)

Either way that i choose to go there will be critics questioning what i do and why, and experts that have opinions on my style of parenting. I wonder if i can mix the two together?? Can i have a relaxed parenting style that still incorporates some form of routine?? After thinking on the advice i got tonight, i feel i can, and maybe this will be even better for both of us! There's no reason why i cant let day sleeps happen if/when bubs wants, but perhaps i could encourage them instead of try to force them, for example a walk in the push chair would put bubs to sleep and give me exercise and fresh air! That sounds much more pleasant than spending 2 hours trying to settle him into his bassinet and making us both miserable! Then i can just work on improving his night sleeps!

I love that writing things down helps put them into perspective!! Maybe i can be a relaxed mummy! Anywho, thoughts and advice is welcomed with open arms, so feel free to throw it this way!!

Off to sleep now before my lil chippy wakes up again!!
Nite all! :)

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