Sunday, 10 July 2011

My smiley bubba and Chamomile tea!

This piccy just makes me melt every time i see it!! Just when i think my heart cant possibly fit any more love in, my amazing boy goes and does something like this!! The biggest, most beautiful smile iv ever seen!!
Not only this, he's discovered that his arms and legs are attached to him and has started really interacting with his toys and gym! He also sucks his thumb when it manages to land in his mouth!lol! Sigh, i think my child is the most amazing thing EVER!
We also took him for his first longer drive, 2 and a half hours each way in the car around windy roads, and he was such a champ! He slept the whole drive there and most of the drive home (thanks in part to his cousins keeping his dummy in his mouth). It was totally worth it any way to see his Meema for snuggles!! What a great day!

In other news, I have managed to make an attempt at being healthy by trying chamomile tea, which was suggested to me to help with bubby boos colic. Surprisingly, this time round, i seem to be enjoying the stuff, and as a result am drinking heaps less milo, and i think im a wee bit more relaxed! (not sure if my hubby would agree with that though) And bubby boos bringing up wind on his own! Its just bonuses all round!!

So something else that's been on my mind is feeling remotely pretty. I don't mean that i think i'm ugly at all, its just that when you barely have time to vacate your pjs each day, let alone shower and brush your hair, the little things that make you feel good are like a distant memory. Even shaving my legs these days is a luxury, i'l probably be able to get cornrows soon!
I want something quick and easy to do after i fall out of the shower and skid over on the pooy nappy on the floor! A bit of mascara or some blusher (do people still wear that??) just to feel a wee bit fresh, and feel like, well normal really. Something other than bubby spew/poo to decorate me! Any ideas?? Sigh, neither. Finding time for the loo is an achievement these days, im probably not gunna waste that time poking myself in the eye with a mascara wand! I think maybe when my bubby can sleep for more than 15 mins at a time during the day il consider it more!

This week im gunna make a much huger effort to be the healthy mum that i want to be (as much as my head cold will let me anyway) and try to get out with the push chair!! Even just a walk round the block would be good! I know i feel so much better when i manage to get out of the house, and bubby boo loves going out in the push chair!!!

Anywho, im off to bed now, with my mountain of tissues and vicks on my feet (which truely works!). Gnite world!! :)

Ps: My new shoes are still amazing!!!


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  2. Oh man, I so need to get motivated and get out walking though.. And totally understand the pjs comment (Although getting dressed for me is still just trackies and a hoodie lol).. To feel pretty every 4 weeks I abandon my children for 1/2 an hour and go to the skin spa and get my eyes brows done lol. Also as for the sleeping baby thing, you should totally convince ya hubby to invest in an auto baby bouncer or swing.. Its a total god send :-)