Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It was gunna be the weighty issue!!

So I had all the good intentions of a fitness freak from Les Mills last week!! On Friday i did a fitness test to confirm my poor level of fitness (which i totally could have told them without the test), and signed up to my first spin class and workouts, with the creche booked and everything!!

And now my bubby boo is sick again!! Firstly, i cant put him in creche because he has a recurrence of Bronchiolitis that's contagious, and second, i don't want to leave him!!!! I'm already paranoid and sappy enough when he's not sick, but now (his poor voice is so hoarse and scratchy) when he cries he sounds so awful it breaks my heart and makes me want to cry!! I couldn't leave him with someone else thinking that he might cry for them and i wont be there to comfort him!!! Is that totally sad or what!? And ridiculous to, because there are other people that can comfort him! (His daddy's doing that right now!) I just feel like i have to be there for him ALL the time! Is this just me or is it a new mum thing??

At least i got off my bum and walked for an hour! So that's one wee bonus!!

These two scrummy fotos of my boys have been keeping my smile intact this week (as well as the image of me going arse over tip off a cross trainer). My bubby boo is just gorgeous in his new (hand-me-down) Tigga suit (Thanku Petra and Xerez!)!! I love hand-me-downs!!


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so precious!! Look at all that hair!! What an angel!

  2. Thanku!! We agree completely!! I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures!! Your girls are absolutely beautiful, they have have gorgeous mischief smiles!