Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The 6 week check!!

So yesterday was pretty awful!! I had to sit back and watch (sob) while my wee man was stuck with needles!! :( While we made the decision to have Lachy immunized actually watching it done is something else altogether!! Glen had to hold him because i just couldn't! I managed to hold myself together for the first shot, but hearing him try to catch his breath to scream again while he was already crying was too much and i totally dissolved at the second injection. I have to point out that i cried for longer than Lachy did (cause he's such a brave boy!!), I eventually settled when i was able to hold him to me tho!
Then to add to his torture he had to have another heel prick for his jaundice! That one wasn't so bad, and he hardly made a sound so yay!! The rest of the day was torn between him sleeping (Which was amazing!) and starting and crying!

Today he's back to his usual self and refusing to sleep, and i have time to dwell on the rest of the docs visit! So, i stood on the scales.... i shouldn't have done that! Any excitement i had at the 10kg i lost after the birth of my beautiful bub is gone, and 5 of the kg's that i lost have found me again after an intense search! What do i do!! Hiding doesn't work, the chocolate still finds me :( And still motivation evades me! What is it guna take for me to clean up my act! At least now iv been for 2 short walks and have upped my fruit intake! Sigh, i'l get there i guess!

So now i'm going to try and sleep while my wee man is, with my fingers crossed that tonight will be a better night!


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